A dot = small, but complete in the existence of the very moment. These drawings are short moments of our everyday life, which I find funny, real, human and lovable, therefore they were drawn on paper. You will see that these moments are there for you too. I will help you to recognise them!

Hi, I’m Anna Sipos, Sipi!

I live in Budapest, and I love it! My extraordinary life is filled with different activities I am doing:

Entrepreneurship: I am taking care of my enterprise, ReCreativity what I founded 4 years ago with a very dear friend of mine. All our activities are somehow connected to creative recycling

Trainer: I am leading international personal development trainings to young people from all over Europe! The method is non-formal / crazy / creative / extreme – however you want to call it. Due to this I travel a lot, I experience a lot and I learn a lot from other people every time.

Designer: I am designing up-cycled bags and accessories for our brand, Cimbi! These products are made from used banners.

Neo-hippie: I believe I am the luckiest person to do all this! I want to share with you those imperfectly perfect moments what I am so grateful for every single day!

If you have any question,
please feel free to contact me:



Genuinely similar characters, beautiful colors, and very expressive drawing with Anna's unrepeatable style. I think there is no personal present like this. It's perfect for a birthday, anniversary, school-leaving. I would love to have made a Pötty-drawing for al my family members and friends!

- Ágnes Franko

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